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Employees are inspired by enrichment programs with variety.  Self Defense training is a desirable and practical activity to offer. In addition to improving safety for oneself and others, self defense training also means self improvement and personal growth in areas favorable to the workplace. 


Jill Jay, CEO of Nutritional Services Inc, had this to say:

Master Gina Pinpin,


Thank you for the training you provide my team. The women of NSI started the self-defense to gain some safety tools and awareness. This is particularly important because we have an early start in the morning - 5:30. We felt concerned for their safety in the parking lot – walking in the dark from their car to the office.

However, the training has become much more than gaining some safety tools and awareness! It has helped build more teamwork, team unity and camaraderie.

The staff has expressed how much confidence the training has provided them. In a worst case situation, they feel more armed to defend themselves; but more importantly, they have expressed how much more they are aware of their surroundings.

They love learning new techniques of how to protect themselves. They also love the intense physical workout. They feel like they are growing stronger and this has helped them with their self-confidence and body image. The cardio workouts are great and they like getting to work out and learn together!

Kind regards,

Jill B. Jay, Ph.D.


Employee feedback was equally positive:


“Before attending the self defense classes, I had absolutely no experience and was a bit intimidated. Master Pinpin and the staff were quick to make me feel comfortable and modified moves to my abilities. Even at times where I felt lost or confused, she was more than happy to break it down so I understand the moves better. The best part is that I have much more confidence to defend myself, if I had to. This class helps you become more prepared, not to mention a killer workout. Thanks!"


Mandi Klein



"I have taken self-defense classes for the past several years and it has been a wonderful experience. I typically train 1 to 2 times a week, which has enhanced my stamina and agility. The workouts are challenging and push me past my comfort zone, but the reward is a healthier and fit body. Mentally, the training has instilled in me more confidence knowing that I have the tools to protect myself if need be. It has also taught me to be more mindful of my surrounding. I am not a victim!!!”


Michelle Baker



“ Through the women Self Defense classes , I have learned to be more aware of my surroundings and I've learned to be prepared in physically confrontational situations “


Connie Schenaroff


The WOMEN MAKE SOME NOISE program will provide practical personal safety skills as it empowers your team. Find out how a customized W MSN program can contribute to your organization.

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Custom events for groups, single session or mutiple sessions to suit the organization. Special Employee Discount programs for our ongoing classes are also available.

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