Review of United Studios of Self Defense

Reviewed by Mandi Klein

10 out of 10

Before attending the self defense classes, I had absolutely no experience and was a bit intimidated. Master Pinpin and the staff were quick to make me feel comfortable and modified moves to my abilities. Even at times where I felt lost or confused, she was more than happy to break it down so I understand the moves better. The best part is that I have much more confidence to defend myself, if I had to. This class helps you become more prepared, not to mention a killer workout. Thanks United Studios of Self Defense!

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United Studios of Self Defense is 'America's Self Defense Leader'. Your free trial will include:

Personal Instruction

Weekly Thirty Minute Private Lesson - on your schedule.

Group Conditioning

Unlimited Group Class Participation - with students like you!

Video and Textbook

Practice is easy - Parents may easily participate in student's growth.

Enrollment Discount

Use your VIP Pass and receive special discounts when you sign up. 



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