Review of United Studios of Self Defense

Reviewed by Joe D.

9 out of 10

I have been a student at USSD Foster City for over 15 years. In fact both of my kids trained with me also. In addition to learning from Ms PinPin I instructed as well. Under Ms PinPin's tutelage my son went on to become an instructor. It was one of the best things we did for our family. Besides being a great dojo we refer to each other as our Kempo family.

Come and see for yourself.

United Studios of Self Defense is 'America's Self Defense Leader'. Your free trial will include:

Personal Instruction

Weekly Thirty Minute Private Lesson - on your schedule.

Group Conditioning

Unlimited Group Class Participation - with students like you!

Video and Textbook

Practice is easy - Parents may easily participate in student's growth.

Enrollment Discount

Use your VIP Pass and receive special discounts when you sign up. 



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