Review of United Studios of Self Defense

Reviewed by Bethany Low

8 out of 10

I love taking Karate at USSD! When we first came to the Dojo to check it out my brother started taking karate, and I really didn't want to. But every time my brother went to a class it looked like alot of fun. Then my mom and I went to the Women's Self Defense. After that, we both started taking karate and my mom, my brother, and I all love it! The teachers are nice and funny, and they teach well at the same time. They make the classes really fun. We get to learn cool and helpful things, and I like how there are events like Women's Self Defense. USSD is awsome!

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United Studios of Self Defense is 'America's Self Defense Leader'. Your free trial will include:

Personal Instruction

Weekly Thirty Minute Private Lesson - on your schedule.

Group Conditioning

Unlimited Group Class Participation - with students like you!

Video and Textbook

Practice is easy - Parents may easily participate in student's growth.

Enrollment Discount

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