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Regina Pinpin - Friday, September 30, 2016

As the Chief Instructor of United Studios of Self Defense in Foster City, I must have taught over 64,800 Private lessons in the past 18 years being in this company. I teach about 15 classes a day, 75 a week , 300 a month, 3600 a year. Sounds like a lot of hard work. Sounds like a lot of time and dedication. Some find Private Lessons unnecessary. Is it important in Training? Was it worth it, and is it needed by students to truly learn the self defense arts?

When I began the martial arts in August of 1987, I was in the garage of my Uncle's home. The group was made up of some of the neighboring adults, co-workers, and his old buddies that he grew up with, as far back as elementary school. He only had to two nights to spare to teach some of us Shorinji Kenpo, Kajukenbo, some Filipino Martial Arts, Weapons and Ground Defense.

There were about fifteen of us. We later grew to forty students. My Uncle trained us in group sessions for seven years. So it took me seven years to get my first black belt. He picked on me a lot, since I was his niece. He paid so much attention to what I needed to correct -  and punished the class if I didn’t do what I was supposed to do when I would fight in the open tournaments. Did he have a chance to be the critical eye for the rest of the students? Maybe not. Many quit before even getting to the rank of Purple. Several of the guys made it to brown, but didn’t get to earn their Black belt with my Uncle. And my Uncle later said, “ All these guys, and the GIRL did it, She did something with what I taught her.” My uncle was a great Instructor and awesome martial artist , but did it part time. He would have been very successful as a full-time Chief Instructor .

At United Studios of Self Defense, we are here full-time to teach the students. And not only group classes, but the private lessons that the students really value and appreciate . At our school we have pee wee, kids, teens and adults that love their private lessons, getting a lot of the attention and the opportunity to display their new skills and get a critique.

Who doesn’t love all the Attention, the personalization? Who wouldn’t love to be empowered ?

Our students, from ages three to sixty-three, claim they would not give up their private lesson. When leaving their class, there’s a sense of total satisfaction, a sense of invincibility, a euphoric feeling. There seems to be magic in the air, a transformation of some sort. A feeling of “ I CAN DO THIS”.

I’ll ask our kids during their lesson who wants to be a Blackbelt, most hands pop up, with BIG smiles and jumping feet . And Adults ask themselves, is it too late for me? And my answer is always “NO, it’s not too late.” This is for everyone. Anyone who cares about their health, safety and well-being.

The private lesson can be customized and can help anyone reach their personal goals, to understand and reach their reasons of wanting to train in the martial arts. Not only does it teach us to defend ourselves, it helps us to get stronger and healthier, mentally and spiritually.

As the Chief Instructor I love to monitor the progress of each and every student, with the private lessons.

I can do this. I get a sense of satisfaction to see the growth of our students, a sense of Pride. Each student counts in our dojo family. In the beginning I was teaching a lot of the pee wee privates, and see them grow in front of my eyes, to wonderful teens and young adults that care about making a difference. Feeling like a Proud Mother .

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