Ms. Maggie Fernandez

Ms. Maggie Fernandez Instructor, 2nd Dan

Maggie fell in love with Shaolin Kempo Karate when she started training, as a hobby. She has been training ever since. Ms. Maggie is also experienced in Boxing, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.

Ms. Maggie has competed in many tournaments and has won or placed in forms and sparring.

Her training with USSD has even taken Ms. Maggie to China, where she trained with the Shaolin Monks. In 2013 she tested for and received her black belt at the historic and venerable Shaolin Temple.

"Martial arts is not just a hobby for me now, but a way of life", she says. "I love being able to share it with others through teaching."

Ms. Maggie works with kids, teens and adults.

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