Master Regina Pinpin

Master Regina Pinpin Chief Instructor

Master Regina Pinpin is a highly dedicated Martial Artist and Instructor.

Master Pinpin is the Chief Instructor at United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) in Foster City, California. Master Pinpin started teaching at the Foster City Dojo in 1995, along with Mr. Kerry Levan and  Mr. Gabriel Green.  Foster City Families have trained in Martial Arts and Self Defense with Master Pinpin for over a generation. 

Master Pinpin earned the rank of 5th Dan (Master) with United Studios of Self Defense in 2014, but it was not the first time she had been awarded a fifth degree black belt. Her journey started thirty years ago at the age of eighteen. She and her younger sister began training in Kajukenbo, taking lessons from her uncle Arnel Canja and her uncle Eugene Canja.

'Kajukenbo is a portmanteau of the various arts from which its style is derived: KA for Karate, JU for Judo and Jujutsu, KEN for Kempo and BO for Boxing.' (source:

Experienced fighters in their own right, the uncles taught the young sisters how to fight in open tournament competitions. Ms. Pinpin's open tournament experience culminated at the famous Ed Parker International Championships in Long Beach, where she took first place in two consecutive years. Ms. Pinpin achieved 5th dan in Kajukenbo.

Master Pinpin has studied and trained with the Shaolin in China, watched and learned Muay Tai in Thailand.

True to her heritage, is also trained in the Filipino Martial Arts of Eskrima, Serrada, Kali, Arnis, with  Ju Jitsu, Western Boxing and Jeet Kune Do as taught at Eskabo Dann by Grand Master Robert Castro.

Ms. Pinpin found her home at United Studios of Self Defense and the study of Shaolin Kempo. She teaches private and group classes full time. Students seek her for her immense knowledge, her practical experience, and her patient and energized demeanor.

Career Highlights:

  • Fifth Degree Black Belt, Shaolin Kempo
  • Fifth Degree Black Belt, Kajukenbo
  • Ed Parker International Karate Championship, Two Consecutive 1st Place wins
  • 17th Annual NPN Tournament Winner
  • Escrima Stick Fighter
 under Grandmaster Robert Castro
  • BS Degree in Psychology / Industrial Psychology
  • CCD Instructor, fifteen years experience
  • Creator, "Women Make Some NOISE: Take Charge of Your Life and Defend Yourself."

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