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About United Studios of Self Defense (USSD)

America's Self Defense Leader

United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) is the largest martial arts school Franchise in North America. Since 1968, our students have studied USSD’s unique system of Kempo-style martial arts from the finest instructors in the United States.

About the Foster City Dojo

United Studios of Self Defense has been the home of Foster City Martial Arts since 1995, and it is the only self defense studio of its kind in Foster City.

Master Regina Pinpin and her professional staff will help you to experience the many benefits of martial arts training.


Earning a Black Belt is a rewarding accomplishment that takes effort and dedication. Every USSD Instructor was first an accomplished USSD student. Our Instructors are trained from white belt within the USSD self-defense system to ensure a broad understanding of our training principles and applications. All USSD Instructors participate in weekly training sessions with a Master Instructor to ensure that they provide the highest level of teaching and martial arts application within their own school.

In addition, USSD Chief Instructors and Masters from across the country gather at the United Studios National HQ in Southern California each month to train and develop new skills and methods of teaching.

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