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Kids love United Studios of Self Defense

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Kids love United Studios of Self Defense

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About United Studios of Self Defense

United Studios of Self Defense (USSD) is the largest martial arts school Franchise in North America. Since 1968, our students have studied USSD’s unique system of Kempo-style martial arts from the finest instructors in the United States.

About the United Studios of Self Defense, Foster City 

United Studios of Self Defense has been the home of Foster City Martial Arts since 1995, and is the only self defense studio of its kind in Foster City. Master Regina Pinpin and her professional staff will help you to experience the many benefits of martial arts training.


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Our Mission:

"We are here to improve the lives of our students, through the practice of the Martial Arts, in a positive and professional environment."
- Master Regina Pinpin

Martial Arts Training at United Studios of Self Defense

An Ancient Tradition

The style we teach at United Studios of Self Defense is Shaolin Kempo, a martial arts system that traces back to the Shaolin Temple in ancient China.

A Modern Approach

Each year since the beginning, the martial arts system has been examined and updated to meet the needs of today's student.

Basic Training - all ages

  • Students attend a thirty minute private lesson each week.
  • The private lesson may include other students at their level (up to 4 total).
  • The private lesson may be made up if missed.
  • Students may attend as many group classes as they like, appropriate to their rank and age.
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Self Defense

Recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations. Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses. Seeing and using weaknesses of attackers to defeat them and avoid injury or death. Protecting others when necessary. Limiting damage of strikes, kicks or falls. Being prepared through regular practice and training.


Awareness of the present moment. Acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and sensations, in a calm and effective state.


The physical attribute will increase with the practice of the traditional forms, stances, and as the connection between mind and body increase. Mental balance comes from feeling strong, capable and confident.


Beginning a challenging task, despite fear, and seeing it through. Responding to challenges with ideas and action.


Martial Arts forms, referred to as a 'Kata', or 'Pinan', contain elongated movements and full extensions, resulting in less strain as movement quality improves. Personal instruction may be modified to your physical ability, age and interest.


Martial Arts forms, referred to as a 'Kata', or 'Pinan', develops mental focus. The beginning material is very basic, and as the student advances the length and complexity gradually increases in concert with their ability.


Respect for Others

Seeing others like you meet challenges you have faced. Using empathy and humility to understand them.

Self Esteem

Reflecting on positive experiences, and Identifying with inner strength instead of failure.


Control over one's weaknesses, impulses and emotions.


Reliance on your own judgement, resources, and capabilities, which are defined, excercised, and improved through Martial Arts Training.

Stress Relief

Release is achieved through physical exertion, and vocalization (yell). Controlled breathing and meditation reduce stress. Training can be a very fun experience and reminds us to enjoy life.


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